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Employees requesting COVID-19 Emergency Paid Sick Leave for the reasons described in the Emergency Paid Covid-19 Leave Policy, must complete a request form and provide the requested documentation.

Please be advised of an important change that has been made to some of the COVID-19 protocols for SPS staff.

The change is related to COVID-19 reporting processes and forms required when an SPS employee becomes symptomatic or designated as an out of-school close contact. Specifically, the change requires staff to self-report to Human Resources using the attached form if they become symptomatic or are designated as an out-of-school close contact.

Previously, school-based nurses were responsible for completing those forms for the employee and submitting them to Human Resources.

Please note, the only change at this time is the employee self-reporting requirement in the cases of becoming symptomatic or designated as an out-of-school contact.

All other reporting procedures remain the same. Please see below as a reminder of the overall reporting protocols, including the updates announced here.​

As an employee you will be responsible for completing the following process:  

  • If you become COVID-19 positive report immediately to your principal/supervisor   

    • Submit a copy of the COVID-19 test result to principal/supervisor along with the best phone number to contact you with.  

    • The principal/supervisor is to submit your name, number, and positive test report to the SPS Contact Tracing Mailbox if after/hours or holidays, or the school nurse if during the school day.  

    • A nurse will follow up with you to complete a HR Positive COVID19 report and provide isolation guidelines and building specific contact tracing.                      

  • If you are symptomatic meeting COVID-19 criteria, complete the Self- Report Of COVID-19 Symptoms HR Reporting Form 

    • Notify principal/supervisor of absence 

    • Submit this form principal/supervisor and to 

    • A human resource representative will follow up with next steps and available for guidance. 

  • If you are designated a close contact in the community complete the Self-Report of Being Designated a COVID-19 Close Contact Outside of School HR Report form 

    • Notify principal/supervisor 

    • Submit this form principal/supervisor and to 

    • A human resource representative will follow up with next steps and available for guidance.        

  • If you are designated a close contact in school by the school nurse

    • School nurse will follow up with you to complete a HR in school close contact report and provide quarantine and possible testing guidelines        

    • School nurse will submit this form principal/supervisor and to  


If you have questions on how to obtain the required documentation requested, submit concern to the mailbox. 

The code number for the Springfield Public Schools is 02810000

Need an School ID?   

Payroll   Electronic Delivery of Payroll Advice

The Payroll Department is ready to launch a new electronic delivery of payroll advices. As you may know, a payroll advice is the form we send out each payroll to employees who have direct deposit and it lists their gross pay, net pay, taxes, deductions and their accrued leave balances. The program runs during payroll processing, and directs an employee’s payroll advices to be emailed to the employee at their personal email address rather than printed and delivered to the employee’s work location on Friday.   This means that you can have your payroll advice emailed to you, rather than receiving the paper copy through interoffice mail!

This program is voluntary and provides several advantages to the City of Springfield, Springfield Public Schools, and all employees: pay advices are emailed as they are processed, and employees receive the message a day or two before funds are deposited in their account; less paper is used in the payroll process, reducing material and printing costs making this a “green” initiative; fewer trips to remote sites are necessary to deliver pay advices; the pay advices remain available to you while traveling or on a day off-you don’t have to be at work to receive them; no more lost or misplaced payroll advices; pay advices can be filed in personal email accounts for easy retrieval. The email can be viewed on most smart phones and is password protected. To open the file, you need the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

If you are a current employee and are interested in registering, send an email to We will need to know your Name, Employee ID#, and the email address to which you would like the electronic advice delivered. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your information is set up. Finally, if you don’t already have direct deposit you can enroll by completing the attached form (in its entirety and returning it the address at the bottom of the form) which will let you take advantage of this new program.

This applies when you receive a Bachelor's Degree


You must send the appropriate forms and documents to the Human Resources Department by September 20th or February 20th of each school year.  Any incomplete submissions will be returned to you.  If you do not resend a complete submission by the deadline, you will need to reapply for the next deadline.               

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