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Please sign the petition requesting that the Springfield School Committee Adopt "Teaching and Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bill of Rights for Springfield Students, Families, Educators and School Staff"


The 2020-21 school year is a school year like no other. The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for students, families, educators and school staff alike. Despite the challenges, we could not be more proud that the Springfield School Committee and district leaders have remained committed to seeing that all students, families, educators and school staff have safe, effective and fulfilling schooling experiences through thoughtful and informed decision making . To encourage others to espouse this approach, we request that the Springfield School Committee adopt this Bill of Rights which outlines the precepts on which they have based their decisions and reaffirms their leadership role throughout the Commonwealth during the pandemic.

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Can you join me and take action?

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Local 4098 Member of the Month
November 2020

Emily Fitzsenry

Emily Fitzsenry has been a Para-educator at the Roger L Putnam Vocational Technical Academy since October 3, 2016.  She also serves as a presenter for Professional Development.

Kelly O'Malley writes "I nominate Emily, for her hard work and dedication to not only the students she works with, but also her coworkers. I have the pleasure to be a co-presenter with Emily for professional development days. She is always willing to take on any task to ensure our presentation is ready and that the participant's will get the most out of the training. Emily also will gather donations to give out to students in need, as well as helping with donations for the community."

"I am writing this letter to endorse Emily Fitzsenry as an outstanding paraprofessional. Miss Fitzsenry is in her fifth year at Putnam Vocational Technical Academy as part of the SEBS program. Since her first day Miss Fitzsenry has been an integral part of the SEBS team. She handles all of her tasks with professionalism and aplomb and is keen to learn and progress in her craft. Working on the SEBS team is a challenge as it brings to bear many skills and techniques in handling difficult situations with the students and keeping the peace between the students and staff so that all feel they are in a win win situation. We have been encouraging Miss Fitzsenry to get into the teaching part of the equation as she is a natural in terms of skill and demeanor.
We always feel that Emily is a paraprofessional of the month! Thank you for recognizing her."  Paul A. Nycz, Assistant Principal, Roger L Putnam Vocational Technical Academy

"Emily is a para-professional who is highly respected by the entire staff and students at Putnam. This is Emily’s 5th year as a para in the SEBS program. I can honestly say to anyone who will listen, that she has been a blessing to myself as well as the students and SEBS team. She gives 100% of herself daily. No job is too large or challenging for her. Emily makes her position look so easy, and I know very well that this job comes with challenges. Her dedication to the wellbeing of our students is her number one priority every single day. She has become an asset not only to the SEBS program but to the school, as well as the district and surrounding community.
Emily’s contributions on how to handle difficult situations or how best to support a student, and most importantly her thoughts and ideas are highly respected. Emily has a talent of listening to people and being able to take challenging situations and offer suggestions that are agreeable to both the student(s) and adult(s) involved. Emily always carries out tasks asked of her efficiently and effectively. She is an asset because she can foresee tasks that will help all and she is willing to complete tasks before being asked. Emily’s organizational skills are an integral part of the running of the team. Emily has created documents, organized record keeping, and keeps the whole SEBS team organized. Emily has a way of building relationships with all staff and students. Her calm and reassuring, positive demeanor creates an environment that students seek her out for assistance and trust in communicating with her. Emily is always available to students to tackle social emotional as well as academic challenges. It is important to also note that she has adapted to the remote learning with ease; as challenging as it has been. She puts a positive spin on every challenge and uses it as a learning experience.
Emily is such a strong role model for new paras coming into our program. She is the epitome of what a paraprofessional should be. Her leadership skills are outstanding. It is very easy to go on and on about this person, so I will end this tribute to her by saying that we are blessed to not only call this amazing person our paraprofessional, but to call her our friend.
Congratulations Emily! You deserve this recognition today and every day! Thank you!" write Emily's co-workers, Betsy Wasilewski and Karen Johnson.

Congratulations Emily and thank you for Making A Difference.

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