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Local 4098 Member of the Month
April 2024
Yarilis Lopez

Yarilis Lopez has been employed by the Springfield Public Schools since September 18, 2006, and currently works as a Paraeducator. She was nominated for Member of the Month by co-worker Nicole St. George.
Nicole St George writes’ “I would like to take this time to nominate Yarilis Lopez who has been a Paraeducator at Central High School for 18 years. Yarilis is an amazing person and has always been excellent with the students. For most of the 18 years I have known her, she has worked with our life skills population. She builds them up and makes Central High School feel like home for them. She goes above and beyond to be caring and nurturing of them. Thank you! ”
“Ms. Lopez is a valuable team player who goes above and beyond in her capacity as a paraprofessional in the Life Skills program. She is very involved with all of the students on an everyday basis. She spends the whole day with our students, even assisting them during the lunch period. Overall, she is respected by students and colleagues alike.  Ms. Lopez not only assists with the classroom curriculum, but she also helps students with their primary care needs.  If a student is upset, she takes it upon herself to inform the teacher and call the parents as needed, as she also has an excellent rapport with the parents. Overall, Ms. Lopez has been a pleasure to work with as she works well with all staff in the building, and she takes student safety and progress very seriously.” writes Jenny Baxendale, Special Education Teacher.
Sandra Johnson works with Ms. Lopez in the Life Skills program at Central High School and she writes “ I would like to say that Ms. Lopez is excellent with the students and always makes sure that their needs are met. Whenever there is a situation with a student, Ms. Lopez jumps into action, and she's right there for them. I enjoy working with Ms. Lopez, she is a wonderful co-worker.”

Congratulations Yarilis and thank you for Making A Difference 🙂
#ProudParas #ParasRock #RespectUsRespectOurWork

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Do you know a member of our unit who goes above and beyond?  Would you like to nominate that person for recognition within our local? 


We would like to acknowledge a single member of our unit on a monthly basis for their contributions to our members and our local.  


Use this link to nominate a member and tell us a little about why you think we should recognize them as the "Local 4098  Member of the Month ". 

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